getting back to my creative roots

I don’t mean to imply that I ever stopped being creative, because I really don’t know how to stop. What I mean is that I’m rediscovering a lot of crafts and hobbies that I hadn’t done in years. Over recent years, I’ve slowly moved away from physically making and drawing things in in favor of writing code to create things virtually. Then with the evolution of mobile computing and touch interfaces, I became more and more distant from the physical world. Even when being creative in apps like Paper and SketchBook, I still wasn’t really leaving the virtual world. I missed that experience, so I started off trying to sketch and I was so rusty and spoiled by technology. There was no undo. No layers or lasso tools. Things that I took for granted after spending so many years with them right at my finger tips.

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<p>This reminded me of when I first used Photoshop on an Apple LC II, I still drew everyday on anything I could. My world was still very physical and Photoshop would completely blow my mind. I really had no interest in computers, but once introduced to Photoshop I was hooked. I’d go draw and take pictures and scan everything. Dig around the menus of filters and features. There were too many to learn but this is where I learned to really use a computer. Photoshop and the Mac OS interface’s consistent menu system allowed me to confidently learn other programs: Illustrator and Quark, then Corel apps and Macromedia and more. That was the beginning of this journey.</p>
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Now here I am 20 years later and getting back into using my hands to physically create things. I still spend most of my time coding. It’s what I do professionally, but this is my personal thing and I’m loving it. One of the main things that drove me away from design to development was the subjectivity of design and creativity in general. Especially creativity that was on display for judgement. Being a creative professionally is very difficult and requires tough skin to endure the treatment you can be subjected to, after pouring your heart into it. Coding allowed me to step into a realm where opinions mattered less than working logic. I took the back seat to designing and became a supporting component. I could could contribute and enhance existing designs with animations and effects. This was great because I could be creative in ways unlike ever before. The source did matter and was never really seen. This was advertising. It just had to look great and work. Without any limitations I took to development like a fish to water.


Back to the topic of getting back to roots. The reconnection started when I purchased a model kit. I hadn’t built a model since I was like 12 years old. Then it was jets and cars. This time it started with a robot I saw in this Japanese shop. That lead to another then another. Then I had these four models I’d built but now wanted to paint them, but wasn’t feeling results when I attempted to hand paint them.


Flash forward a couple weeks: I got an airbrush for my birthday. This is the first time I’ve touched one since I was a teenager. It’s a very exciting time. This time around it’s a bit different. I don’t want to just do lettering and cartoon characters. This time I’ve started with youtube tutorials on airbrushing. I’ve been practicing.. lines and dots and other exercises. This time I’m honing the skill and starting with mastering the basics. I wasn’t sure about what I was going to paint besides the models, but now I’m ready for some canvas. Just ordered a few and looking forward to my first piece. I’m trying to keep my expectations low and start with something simple..

Hopefully it leads to me posting here more often.